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28mm Republican Romans & Carthaginians

In which one attempts to turn some skirmishers into an army.

So, this project started as a bit of a collaboration with Firemonkeyboy, who convinced me that for small skirmish games using Lion Rampant & its offspring, that 28mm Victrix figs were the way to go instead of the One True Scale (in which I have Early Germans and Early Imperial Romans based for DBA, DBM or AdlG of my own, as well as some beautiful Spartans, Greeks, Macedonian Successors & the start of a Sassinid army and associated large lead pile inherited from said heretic after we traded for my 28mm ECW Scots army, a mix of Old Glory and Perry, which he has largely completed and beautifully repainted..

Long story short, I took the plunge (not being the World’s Greatest Painter) &picked up some 28mm Victrix Republican Romans with chainmail, the plan being to build a few small skirmishy units of Hastati, Principes, Triarii & some Velites, & then flesh them out with a second bag of Romans in pectoral armour. The idea would be Triarii would be all chain guys with the big spears, Principes would be mostly chain guys with javelins, &c. with a few pectoral armour dudes mixed in, and Hastati would be all pectoral armour dudes with javs. Velites would be velites. Cool paint schemes would be designed and cool shield transfers with Romulus & Remus wolf themes would be acquired. Firemonkeyboy was supposedly plugging away on some Carthaginians to die at their hands.

But then, as happens, the ADHD set in on both sides. Having mostly finished with the ECW stuff, he started working up some HYW, & then decided to buy some Macedonian Successors to take on my Romans instead of the Carthos, adding them to his plastic pile which has some Vikings & Anglo-Danes in it along with a bunch of Warlord Thirty Years’War sprues recently acquired used.

Some wandering Carthaginians arrive. Assembly, painting, basing all Firemonkeyboy

Needless to say, one thing led to another, & I inherited some Carthos. Then I got a few more used & partially assembled/basecoated as well. Then I bought four (yes four) African War Elephants (we will save the reasoning behind the purchase of two packs for four elephants total as a story for another day…). Then I bought a Celtic Chariot pack. Or maybe I bought that first, it’s all a little confusing now.

So long story short our “small skirmish units” will be turning into full-fledged big battle 28mm armies, based for the likes of Hail Caesar, &c, &c.

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Gaming in one way or another off and on (boardgames, miniatures, video games, card games, TTRPGs) for more than 45 years. Still can't paint miniatures to save my life. Currently controlled by a Border Collie.

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