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Back in the swing of things (?)

Or “I guess I really should do something again with all this ASL crap I have” AP 162 The Governor AAR So after long hiatus playing Advanced Squad Leader since the Before Times & beyond (getting on close to three years now I think) I finally got around to playing a VASL game this Spring.Continue reading “Back in the swing of things (?)”

By Crom, painting Conan miniatures!

In which our brave narrator tries to get caught up on the King’s Pledge, Nordheim, Stygia, Khitai, & Conan the Conqueror expansion with all the fixings. Might be a while, stay tuned. Mostly just some random photos of half-completed stuff for the moment. More commentary, painting log, links to cool photos from people who actuallyContinue reading “By Crom, painting Conan miniatures!”

28mm Republican Romans & Carthaginians

In which one attempts to turn some skirmishers into an army. So, this project started as a bit of a collaboration with Firemonkeyboy, who convinced me that for small skirmish games using Lion Rampant & its offspring, that 28mm Victrix figs were the way to go instead of the One True Scale (in which IContinue reading “28mm Republican Romans & Carthaginians”

Commands & Colo[u]rs Ancients

& Medieval, Crusades, Tricorne, Jacobite. But mostly Ancients. Sometimes with miniatures. So, during the plague years, while working at home/locked down Firemonkeyboy & I started a more or less weekly C&C Ancients game at lunchtime using Vassal, which works fantastic, &which has continued on to this day. We also experimented for a while with playingContinue reading “Commands & Colo[u]rs Ancients”

Check Your Six!

Or, we are going to need bigger hexes. So, off & on for the last few years I’ve been gradually acquiring some used or on sale Wings of Glory models, & a dozen or so flight stands, to do some CY6! (& maybe also some of J.D. Webster’s Fighting Wings series- Over the Reich, AchtungContinue reading “Check Your Six!”

The Legend of the Devil in Iron

Or, how we learned to love getting defeated by the Ovcrlord. So, with the recent & long-overdue arrival of the Conan the Conqueror kickstarter expansion for Conan, with all the additional King’s Pledge add-ons, we have started this campaign, with yours truly in the role of Overlord & an unruly cast of rogues for theContinue reading “The Legend of the Devil in Iron”

For the Queen! Err, King!

ASL WO37 The Vital Hours AAR End of game, the Brit 9-2-led MMG killstack (including captured MMG) knocks out the 9-1 LMG and squad who were the final main strongpoint blocking the exit area as they fail 2MCs from a 20 plus 1 shot. The Airborne amoeba reconfigures to a snake and squiggles off theContinue reading “For the Queen! Err, King!”