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28mm Republican Romans & Carthaginians

In which one attempts to turn some skirmishers into an army. So, this project started as a bit of a collaboration with Firemonkeyboy, who convinced me that for small skirmish games using Lion Rampant & its offspring, that 28mm Victrix figs were the way to go instead of the One True Scale (in which IContinue reading “28mm Republican Romans & Carthaginians”

Commands & Colo[u]rs Ancients

& Medieval, Crusades, Tricorne, Jacobite. But mostly Ancients. Sometimes with miniatures. So, during the plague years, while working at home/locked down Firemonkeyboy & I started a more or less weekly C&C Ancients game at lunchtime using Vassal, which works fantastic, &which has continued on to this day. We also experimented for a while with playingContinue reading “Commands & Colo[u]rs Ancients”

Check Your Six!

Or, we are going to need bigger hexes. So, off & on for the last few years I’ve been gradually acquiring some used or on sale Wings of Glory models, & a dozen or so flight stands, to do some CY6! (& maybe also some of J.D. Webster’s Fighting Wings series- Over the Reich, AchtungContinue reading “Check Your Six!”