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Back in the swing of things (?)

Or “I guess I really should do something again with all this ASL crap I have” AP 162 The Governor AAR So after long hiatus playing Advanced Squad Leader since the Before Times & beyond (getting on close to three years now I think) I finally got around to playing a VASL game this Spring.Continue reading “Back in the swing of things (?)”

For the Queen! Err, King!

ASL WO37 The Vital Hours AAR End of game, the Brit 9-2-led MMG killstack (including captured MMG) knocks out the 9-1 LMG and squad who were the final main strongpoint blocking the exit area as they fail 2MCs from a 20 plus 1 shot. The Airborne amoeba reconfigures to a snake and squiggles off theContinue reading “For the Queen! Err, King!”