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Check Your Six!

Or, we are going to need bigger hexes.

So, off & on for the last few years I’ve been gradually acquiring some used or on sale Wings of Glory models, & a dozen or so flight stands, to do some CY6! (& maybe also some of J.D. Webster’s Fighting Wings series- Over the Reich, Achtung Spitfire!, Whistling Death, & Wings of the Motherland, but that is a story for another day. I’ve even got Buffalo Wings for you Finnish aficionados, & the Darwin one for the Going Down in Flames Under Crowd. ).

Been focusing on the Battle of France/Battle of Britain/Norway/Greece/early Desert period in terms of building up a minis collection. We managed to do a few learning games before the plague hit, & haven’t managed to do much since, but I want to get back to this. For now, here are some random photos from one of the two player learning games.

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Gaming in one way or another off and on (boardgames, miniatures, video games, card games, TTRPGs) for more than 45 years. Still can't paint miniatures to save my life. Currently controlled by a Border Collie.

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